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Vendor Programs

As a headquarter representing RBG's membership chain, we have partnered with national vendors covering all categories within the convenience store industry like: beer, candy, coffee, equipment & services, foodservice, general merchandise, health & beauty, packaged beverages, snacks and tobacco. 

Standard Membership
Accrual Programs

 Manufacturers/suppliers offer national program rebates and accruals to large chain retailers. By joining Royal Buying Group’s chain of locations, members can participate in these accrual programs that vary in structure from manufacturer to manufacturer but generally reward retailers for the purchase of sku’s, sku levels and/or growth.  Royal Buying Group negotiates the accrual rebate programs, tracks store purchases, bills and collects the earned rebates from manufacturers and then pays members out on a quarterly basis.  Offered to members throughout the year, these automated rebates can bring hundreds of dollars to a retailer’s bottom-line and begin being tracked once a retailer joins RBG.     

Contract/Placement Programs

These programs are national placement and shelving programs negotiated on an annual basis, offering potential earnings of thousands of marketing dollars, typically to maintain product, shelving or displays in locations. Contracted programs are offered through the first quarter of the year. Certain contracts are pro-rated and offered through second quarter of the year, depending on the vendor.

Top Sku's

Access to top selling products in the c-store industry. RBG will educate the retailer on these sku's through marketing communication.


RBG offers products and services that provide incremental sales while introducing new vendor programs. These monthly promotions offer special pricing, bill backs, rebates and/or off-invoice allowances.

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